Tree Swallows in Central KY... Means about 2 Weeks for Martins

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Confirmed a pair of tree swallows today, drinking out of my pond and hanging out on my fence. I have a tree swallow roost in the fall right by my house (I know, sounds silly but just like a Martin roost for about 4-5 days there are thousands of them). I've posted some pictures in the past. Anyway- almost without fail for the past 3 years the martins show up about 2 weeks behind the tree swallows. Here they come!
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Nice! I've been watching for tree swallows to arrive at our place, but none yet. Glad to know they are getting close. I've been watching the purple dots on the scout arrival report this year- everything sure seems early. Be sure to post when 'your' martins return :)
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No Martins yet Birdie but saw some dots north of us... which I'm not sure are really martin sightings given how early it is. If they are martins... well they're probably done for with freezing temps coming next week even this far south. Hopefully they hole up somewhere!

The old-timers around me aren't even putting their houses out yet. I asked one guy with 9 huge gourd racks that lives down the street from me when he's putting his houses out- and he said "when the bids show up and tell me to". lol. It's so funny to me how some people play songs, put out decoys, warmers, etc. and then this guy with hundreds of birds doesn;t even put the houses out at all until they are sitting on his poles!
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East has been having Mar/Apr in Feb/Mar so possible they're early.
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I have always had tree swallows a wk. or so before I get Martins but this yr. the Martin came first. What's up doc? I do not know.
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,,, MJM ,,, That’s good news for ya... That’s some good observations. The same thing happens here too,, Tree Swallows always arrive 10 to 14 days ahead of my Martins...

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I'm on par with you all too. March 2 first TS's show up...16 days later 1st PM shows up this year. Good luck everyone and rooting for everyone's first arrival that's patiently waiting.
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