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Does anyone have links to pages containing comparative images of House sparrows and other native sparrows? I'm so used to using the search feature on the forum that I'm now as lost as all those old posts.
I just read Steve Kroenke's latest post on nest competitors but I didn't see any links to images.

I've been HOSP free all season up until now. My colony is winding down with only 5 nests left and we've had a veritable wave of HOSP. However, I also have many native sparrows, finches, etc. I want to be sure of what I'm pointing at.

Thanks a bunch in advance! My agitated martins also thank you.

Mary Dawnsong
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This page is pretty good: ... arrow.html
In addition to sparrows there are female Red-winged Blackbirds, House Finches and Purple Finches (the female finches are all brown/grey), female Rose-breasted Grosbeak (big!), Brown Creepers, wrens, plus others that don't come to mind.

Of course, all none of our native true sparrows are cavity nesters. Most nest on the ground or low bushes, I believe. House Finches rarely choose a cavity.

When in doubt, shoot only adult male English House Sparrows which are quite distinctive in appearance and behavior.
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Go to google, click the images button and type in what you want to see.. I've had good luck with them.


I like this site for photos and information about virtually any North American bird species:

If you know the bird's name, you can look it up, but if you only know what it looks like, there is no reverse-search feature (that I know of.)

PS: GREAT link, Mary! Very helpful for sorting out all the LBB (Little Brown Birds.)

Thanks for the replies. I have just what I need. Those are some great links to get me in the right spot.

Thanks again!

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