Help! Babies Jumping out of NEST!

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dkjtwo, your post is amsing, "the post costs more than the hotel". I like that statement, and it is ttue. This is exactly what I think that people should do, buy a good pole, make the hobby enjoyable (like an easy lift pole will do), and anything that you hang on that pole will work in most instances. The thing that you don't want is a pole that falls, that slips out of your hand and injures you, that will not hold all that you put on it (we are not experts, we can hang too much on a pole.)

In other words, if you start with a good pole, you will end up spending less MONEY than you will with a flimsy pole, one that bends & breaks.

We are all in the martin business as a hobby, so I like the make the hobby as enjoyable as possible, by using a good pole.

Good luck
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