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Newbe wants to know during nest checks how and what to look for in mites????
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Here's a great PMCA Update article "What's Bugging your Birds". Scroll about 3/4 of the way down the page and see the hand covered in mites. You may see just a few of these on baby birds and housing -or- you may see thousands. Just keep in mind that a few can turn into thousands overnight.

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Mr Lodi, You will know if you have them. They are black or brown little critters that move . Usually if you have them they will be all over your hands. I noticed them today in my nests. If you look on the side of the walls by the nest you can see them crawling. I have them but not to bad so in 3 days I am preparing to do nest changes and add 1/4 tsp of 5% sevin under each nest that I do. Last year I had a million by this time of the year. The funny thing about this year is they are in 1 of my compartment houses and not the other, but mainly are in my gourds. You can get sevin at most stores like walmart or some place like that. Some people just do nest changes cause they don't want to use chemicals. I think there is probably more chemicals in the crop land, lawns etc if you are worried about sevin. In the archives there are articles on this subject to help you make a decision. Since you are right below me I would bet you have or will get mites. I think martins(birds) and mites go hand in hand. Well good luck .
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