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Well this is my first year as a landlord, and have been holding the HOSP at bay to a small extent. I have a SY martin pair that have made a nest in my S&K 20 home house. (The sparrows stay on the other side)

Last night I did a check and found the martins had laid 2 eggs. What is the process they will follow now. It seems they are staying closer to the house, but also seem to be gone for long periods too. Do they incubate? How long until hatch?...

Thanks for any insight. This is a great place with great folks sharing knowledge.
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They lay anywhere from 1 to 7 eggs I think 5 being the average. The pm won't start encubating the eggs til the next to the last egg laid. So if they lay 5 eggs add 15 days to when the 4th egg was laid and that is when they are suppose to hatch give or take a day or 2 . I am new at this and the forum member told me how to calculate the hatching time and on most of my nest she was right on. She also told me when the 1rst one hatches add 28 days and that is when their fledge date is, give or take a day or two. Its also in the archives and in the stokes martin book. These dates can be off a week sometimes cause of weather related issues and other things. Craig
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