As promised at the Martin Fest 2005

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Well, we did tell a few folk about our PM houses that were put up a few weeks ago. Before we left for MF we lured in several looky-loos and they put on a grand show for us. We did post about our feeling Blessed and got several good wish replies, Thanks again for all the encouragement!

After our return from MF on Sunday, we continued to play the Chatter cd at regular time schedules. So far we have lured in three females, a couple of young males and two bright beautiful adult males. WOW, can't say enough about that chatter cd!

So, we told some that we would put some photos on the forum of our PM housing that we are hoping will attract more and more of our neighbors birds. We haven't seen any sign of any of our neighbors taking care of the housing and are in great hopes that we can become full-fledged PM Thieves!!! :lol:

So, here is one photo of our mailbox house complex. More will come later as we turn our 35mm film into cd's. We tried to scan some of the earlier photos of our PM aerial shows, but the scanner isn't at it's best and so we took the film in to be turned into a cd. We have had several, both male and female, looking inside and checking it out. We will definitely be watching the skies for years to come. After the wonderful time we had at MF we are more than eager to be landlords. We just hope that we grow and become good landlords and with all of the help and encouragement we have found here, we are sure that one day we can scream out loud "we have babies!" Be it one year or forty!

Thanks all, you are a great bunch and we are so very happy to have found you.

wannabee PM Thieves!
HH and Peg Smith

ps, hope I did the photo thing right <snicker, snicker, snicker>

wahhhhhhhhhh well no I guess I didn't trying again, ouch

Mailbox housing.
Mailbox housing.
PM005.JPG (65.89 KiB) Viewed 2094 times
Looky-loos, sorry about the bad scan, will do better next time.
Looky-loos, sorry about the bad scan, will do better next time.
PM004.JPG (22.06 KiB) Viewed 2113 times
CUL Lou~Mich

Peg. Oh wow. Now how cool is that?? Really, really cool in my estimation. Thanks for the Pics. Hope ya get them all filled up, and the mailman needs to get more boxes put up. ;-) CUL Lou

What a great idea! I think they look nice too. It reminds me of the funny guy here in Oklahoma who put a mailbox up at the top of a pole and labeled it "AIR MAIL"... :lol:

Thank you both, CUL Lou and SoarFan! :grin:

I hope the mailman delivers many more boxes AND with Air Mail!!!!!

Actually, we bought a barn and some Troyer gourds at the Fest and my honey is presently putting them up with the mailboxes. We should have photos in the future, but for now.............

Today I got to see another beautiful aerial show from two obvious paired PM's. It was so neat, their mating ritual seems kinda like all other feathered creatures only in the AIR! Now that is cool!

So, maybe if we do a good job and keep watching the forum for advice, next spring we will be honored with residents. We love seeing the photos that are posted, especially the babies!

Thanks again,

The Arkansas wannabee PM Thieves!
Peg and the silent HH Smith
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