Strange PM Season in Medina

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It has indeed been a strange PM season in Medina. Only 4 PM visitors all spring (only 2 of those confirmed as SY). In years past I have had PM activity daily through the middle of July. I often wonder if another local colony was lost due to the cold weather in the spring? I can usually count on other local PM coming around on their daily "Parade of Homes."

I suppose the most frustrating part of the season is that this is the 1st year I have had virtually no interference from TS, BB, or S&S. The TS all took to gourds on shepherd's hooks far from the PM housing. My S&S Controller did a fine job this spring. And the BBs, well they just had no interest in the PM housing this year.

On the upside, 12 TS fledged yesterday (2 nests). I knew they were gone when I did not get my evening greeting in the garden last night. The skies were eerily void of all my little swallows last evening. The downside to my TS fledging is that I usually don't see much of them for the rest of the summer.

Well anyway, my barnies were out in abundance this morning. At least I'll have their companionship for a few more weeks. My wife always laughs at the swarm of barnies surrounding me when I'm out on my tractor. I guess in some ways, I count on all of my little swallows...the same way they count on me!

Time to start preparing for next spring.
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Martin Colony History: I have had housing up at my residence since 2000. I added some additional housing and gourds in 2007, and I have been getting purple Martins in my houses and gourds ever since that time.

I hear you. I normally have several visitors every day, but only two confirmed SY visits. This is highly unusual. I have played dawn song and chatter, I've diversified the housing (Coats 6 x12 cavities, modified trio for 6 x12 cavities, and four supergourds. I'm really disappointed this year. I have the usual barnies and TS, but haven't seen as many as usual. I hope it's not a population issue in our area. Let's hope this gets better.

Dave Kunath
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It has been a weird season here in SW Ohio, too. After all the fussing and carrying on, my one SY pair finally nested and laid ONE egg. After 4 days of daily nest checks, I found that it was damaged - looks like a crushing injury, not a penetrating one. So, toss the egg and wait.............. The pair is still here and at least 2 of my subbie males. An ASY male visits me on occasion - how handsome he is!

My TS babies are close to fledging - this weekend, I think. They are peeking out of the entry hole every time I walk by, and the adults are dive bombing me, which they hardly did at all this year compared to last. My BB are on their second set of 4 eggs, due to hatch this weekend. And, my baby barnies fledged - yesterday, I think. I don't know where the barn swallows nest, but they are my faithful mowing companions, and I enjoy them so much. The babies are dreadfully cute at this stage - all lined up on the top board of the horse fence, awaiting a hand-out.

I have juvie red-bellied woodpeckers, red-winged blackbirds, cardinals, house finches, and grackles, all coming to the feeders. So, even without PM, I am surrounded by new life. Still, it is a bit disheartening to miss out on the big prize.
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