How long will it take to attract a female?

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Hello Martin Friends:

One female martin has came back 3 times in the last 3 days.
The male SY has been here since the 17th of May. He almost lured her
into one of the tg trio rooms yesterday. She is back today but only
circling the house. How long does it take usually for a female to
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Only the PM female knows the answer to that question. :lol:

...and she's not telling...

edit: Is your area of Virginia sparsely populated with PMs?

We have kept vigil this season with a landlord in Florida whose ASY Male tried for a full month to attract a female. He finally succeeded and I believe their young fledged recently.

Many wannabe landlords watch year after year while their PM males fail to attract a mate.

It's not easy to get a female PM to move into an unoccupied site. But, one will finally come along and once she commits and starts raising a family the entire colony could bloom. There is no better attractant for Purple Martins than a nesting pair of Purple Martins.

Good luck - I hope she finally gives in and goes for it!

I've been trying for 25 years with no luck! My male martins are more sucessful however. It took my first male about 3 days to find his lady love but a young male has been trying for a very long time. I think he found one and they she is sitting on eggs now. I have 8 pairs this year and its hard to keep track of all the romance that is going on above me. But I would say its getting very late in the season for for any new nesting by the martins in my neck of the woods. I think the laying season is over and now its raise 'em and fly back to Rio! 8) BillyR
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