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Happy Friday to all!
Well we have 3 babies now. We had 5 eggs and 3 hatched the beginning of this week. There are two eggs that still have not hatched as of last night. I will check tonight after work but is this unusual and what is my next step with the two eggs if they do not hatch?

I just read another post by Mary and got my answer. Thanks Mary. I really have no plans on intervening with Mother Nature anyway. :)
Mary Dawnsong
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Hi Jim,

Congratulations on your first-ever martin hatchlings!

I surely hope they fledge successfully. If so, the martins in your neighborhood will know your site is a good place and you will be rewarded with a larger colony next year!

My best, Mary
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Hi there Mary,
Thank you very much. it has certainly been interesting but fun. Sunday afternoon while doing a nest check, I noticed that both unhatched eggs had been removed by the parents. I saw one half of one shell down below but that was all the evidence they existed. The three babies look great and healthy. Also on Sunday, we had at least 7 Martins around our property. I do believe there was one all purple adult and possibly one adult female. I attached their pictures. The adult male has been hanging during the day around the gourd rack, that I will be replacing this fall, for several days now. The one on the trio had a extremely loud voice which I do not think it was one of the parents. Her breast seemed to be alot darker shade of brown.
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Somehow the other picture did not attach. Here it is.
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