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Hanover Bill
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I am ready to put my housing up again this year around the first of April. Last year was my first attempt to attract Martins with no success. The closest I came were a couple of Tree Swallows which were looking over my housing. I have a recording of the Dawn Song so I am ready with that.
I am located in Beaver County, Pa., which is just north of Pittsburgh. I was wondering if the bad winter we had in these parts will delay the arrival of the sub-adults or if they will be on a pretty normal schedule, the weather actually has been pretty nice lately, and the forecast is for a nice week ahead. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks and Good Luck to all.

You probably will get your colony started with a pair of SY martins. They usually show up in your area around the 2nd or 3rd week of May. Make sure no unwanted birds get a foot hold on your site. Keep those cavities free of TS, S&S & even them BB's. I got my colony started in 2006 with a pair of SY's. That was my 2nd year trying. I plugged up the holes & waited until I seen the 1st martin. It was 21 May when I spotted him high up. He dive bombed straight down to my gourds. Then I opened up several holes. Next day he brought in a female. One week later they started nest building. Last year I had 32 pair for my 4th season. Good luck & hope you the best.
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I would go and have it up. Maybe plug the opening's until you see Martin's in the area.
You never know, you might get lucky and attract and ASY male. Many new colonies are started by adult's as well.
They should be arriving in good number's in the next several week's.
The Sub adult's will be a few week's behind, May thru June.
It's still too early to know for sure if they will be on time as a whole here in the north.
With the weather forecast being very good this coming week, i have a feeling the migration will pick up.
Many of us should see our first scout's by this weekend.
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