ASY Male brief visit this AM

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Doug Martin - PA
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Martin Colony History: First pair in 2009 after 28 years of trying. 3 pairs 2010, 17 pairs 2011 and 35-45 pairs since. Many additional colonies are now springing up around mine in an area once completely void of Martins. I offer 50 compartments at my site consisting of primarily Excluder II gourds on Gemini racks. Also a wooden T-14. I utilize electric fence type predator guards on the base of the poles. Supplemental feeding is crucial in maintaining my colony. I platform feed throughout the season as needed. My site tends to be a stop over point for additional birds as they migrate further north.

An ASY male was at my site this morning at about 11:00 AM. I was running a chainsaw at the time so I am not sure how long he was there. I saw him by the gourd rack and shut off the saw. He flew around and seemed happy to be home as I waved my arms to him hje called out.

I am surprised he did not stay long enough for me to open the housing. Maybe just a passer by or a visitor from last year. The way he was singing seemed to be was my male from last year.

I guess I'll see if he comes back later today. I would think he would have stayed.
Supplemental feeding plays a major role in western Pennsylvania. Finally got my 1st pair in 2009 after 28 years of effort. 3 pairs in 2010. 17 pairs in 2011. 35 pairs and 150 young in 2012 & 2013. Plus a new 22 pair colony right down the road from me.
Hanover Bill
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I'm glad to hear there is at least one Purple Martin in our area, gives me a little hope. I have been checking the Independence Wetlands every couple of days since it seems to be ideal Martin habitat, but so far nothing but Tree Swallows and of course Starlings and Sparrows. I figure the month of May should be prime time for some SYs in this area, is that correct? I will be keeping a close eye on my housing and also stopping down at the Wetlands occasionally. What happened to "if you build it they will come", or does that only apply to dead ball players? Her's hoping there are some Martins heading our way.

Hanover Bill.
2009 & 10 - 0
2011 & 12 - Visitors
2013 - 2 pr. fledged 9
2014 - 3 pr. fledged 13
2015 - 7 pr. fledged 27
2016 - 15 pr. fledged 72
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Martin Colony History: Taking care of 11 active public colonies and trying to start two more in northwestern PA. Also attempting to restart another one in southwestern PA, in Collier Township's Hilltop Park. In 2017, not sure what happened but the ASY male returned and then a couple of weeks later he was gone. It could have been weather related. No other birds showed up. I had a starling nesting at the Public site that I had trouble getting rid of.
In 2018, we fledged 629 martins at all of the sites.


Congratulations on your sighting today. I am sure that makes you feel good.

More should be showing up in the weeks to come.

Have a good martin year in '2010'.

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