PM Roost on Ponchartrain Causeway

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I want to recommend to all PM lovers in the New Orleans area that they make a trip to the south end of the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway at dusk to witness the PM's roosting. It is amazing to see literally a thousand-plus PM's competing for space under this bridge at dusk. The numbers will be near peak in the next 2 weeks. FYI-there is an observation deck provided on the Southbound side of the bridge. We have been making this trip the last 5 years now and are always impressed.
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How do you get to the observation deck area? Is there a turn off before the toll booths? I'm doing a lot of work in the New Orleans area and would like to go and view. Thanks

Todd Scioneaux

Just before causeway begins, there is a parking lot on the right at, I believe a youth center - I think that's what the sign read. We have parked there and crossed Causeway Blvd. in the past. You'll need to walk along the sidewalk to the top of Levee. At that point, you will need to go West on levee about 20 yards. Then go to your right...there will be signs where the concrete bulkhead begins for the bridge. The observation deck will be at the base of the bridge...there is only one way in & out. We normally arrive about 45 minutes before sundown and there is hardly any PM activity at that time. Before you know it, the skies will slowly begin to fill with PM's and the show begins. Forgot to mention...there will be a sign on the levee saying it it can still get to the observation deck. We did park in the Lakeway One garage behind the Doubletree Hotel last week. We parked a little before garage closed at 7pm. The attendent told us to insert our ticket rec'd at the gate into the silver box on the left just before the attendents booth at the exit and the gate will open to let you out. You won't have to pay. Keep in mind...garage is closed and nobody there after 7pm and nobody is there to assist if there are problems. It is not well lit to and from the deck, we've never had any issues with crime, but you just never know. There will likely be some hotel guests checking out the action as well. Hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy the birds and let me know how it went.
RC Moser
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Seen a story about bridges on the history channel the other day and mentioned the PM's roosting under that bridge each year.
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