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Martin Colony History: 2016 bought 6 gourds. Pole put up late in June due to HOA approval. Had visitor birds but no pairs that stayed.
2017 12 gourds- Pole up 3/1 and had male and females visit but didn’t pair up.
2018 upgraded to 2 inch sq pole/winch and will have 24 gourds. Many solo visitors but seem to be passing by. Will trim trees and check fly ways.
2019 saw only one or two martins all summer. Brothers Martins didn’t show up at all.
2020 3 pairs, 1st- 5 eggs/ 2nd hatched 2 fledged, 2 - 5 eggs/ 2-5 hatched fledging 7/20-8/1, 3rd formed late July and no nest built.

Update 7/16

Covid and Corona laid 5 eggs in two nests. Three in main and two below it. I consolidated the two below. Marked shell with small dot. 2 eggs hatched. Two babies fledged today by 9am. They did come back down to the pole briefly to perch and one sat on the top of my house preening. I hear they normally stay within 2km on a pole or other perch and return in the evenings for a few days.

The second pairs' babies are about 10 days behind and they have 5 eggs and uknown number of babies but I am hoping 3-5 hatched. I wasn’t able to get hatched count as I didn’t want to disturb the first pair but I know there is at least two as I have seen their heads at entrance hole. I’ll try to get counts as fledgings return to nest in evening if possible

I do have a third pair but they didn't show any nest building and they formed just a week ago and I feel its probably too late for them. It is good to have two more martins around to spot threats. I had a solo male for awhile that was a little drama maker for the other two pairs but he finally attracted a female but a little late I think but you never know..

First hawk incident happened around 10am. Cooper’s hawk was flying block or two from my house when the Martin went after it. 4-5 martins chased it and dived at it aggressively. They did end up chasing it right at the colony pole by mistake I think and it dived to escape few feet from me and into a tree behind my house. It must of flew low and from tree to tree to escape the area. I could hear mocking birds yelling about the intruder as well in the tree. I did a video of it but it’s so fast it’s hard to follow. I did slow the video down and snapped a still from the video. It’s pretty cool to see hawk diving and in frame two martins in chase.
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