Males left during rain event

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I had one nesting pair in the “love shack” house and one lonely male in the “empty arms” house.
We’ve had heavy rains for the last four days.
The female is spending most of her time sitting on her five eggs, leaving the nest occasionally during breaks in the weather to feed.

It didn’t rain all day yesterday, but I haven’t seen either male since the rain started on Monday.
Should I be concerned?
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Martin Colony History: The 1972 St. Agnes flood wiped out all the Martins in my area. One day, in 1997-98, 5 or 6 Martins landed on the power wires crossing my back yard. I had no house for them. They kept coming back day after day. We got a martin house a few weeks later & they have been coming back every year since. I average 12-15 pair per year.

They can come & go & you don't see them. I would check to make sure the nests are not wet. If they are change them out.

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Martin Colony History: 2019- Several large groups stopped and visited.
2020- 2 pair seemed interested but left after 2 weeks, daily visits since first week of June from neighboring birds.

I sometimes wonder if high winds might be to blame for 2 pairs I had disappear. Here in South Dakota the winds can get really nasty for days at a time. It gets so bad in my area up on a hill top, I have never seen a martin land on a power line. I have seen them try but give up and land in the very top small branches of a cotton wood tree instead. My Grandfather had martins, so I have been around them since I was a kid, till his passing. I had never seen one land in a tree until moving to Sioux Falls, SD. I have even watched them land on a street light, and on the roof of my house in times of bad weather. The first two pairs I had who seemed interested in my houses this year were actually roosting in that stand of cotton wood trees at night instead of in my houses? But then spent the rest of the day going in and out of my houses. Then seemed to vanish after it got real windy. I did notice a pair of red tailed hawks nesting in that cotton wood grove. So maybe they were to blame instead of bad weather.
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