Dive bombing Martins.

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Thankfully my Martins are doing very well this year. I have chicks that fledged and have joined the flock. I have noticed that the Martins are very protective of their air space and what they have been doing is dive bombing the grackles. They chase them off and are hot on their tails. The Martins are way more agile than the grackles and therefore are unable to shake them off. It’s kind of a fun sight to see. And the Martins are screeching all along. Has anyone else experience this behavior ?
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My martins seem to have a vary keen sense of what birds can harm them and which ones cannot. A large hawk like a red tail or a buzzard can cruise by and they pay no attention. If a coopers hawk or sharp shinned hawk get within eyesight they scatter and many of them will dive bomb those. They don't like crows but mockers and other birds they don't pay attention to. Ive never seen them pay any attention to grackles.
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