Dancing Man/Scarecrow Inquiry

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Hello- Dancing Man/Scarecrow Inquiry:
For anyone who has used one of these as owl deterrent I was gifted one . My home site is in major owl country both Barred and Great Horned. My satellite site 2.5 mi from home is currently plagued on/off by Great Horned owl . My home site went from 3or last season to 19 pr this season but currently has not been struck by owls....yet. Here's some questions/concerns:
-the Dancing scarecrow I have is 10ft; the fan is louder than I thought. Any recommendations how much distance to keep the unit from martin poles? I'm going to have it on a timer to come on at 10pm and off at 4a.m. or so.

- I'm hoping the sound of fan and 10ft Dancer won't freak out the Martins when it comes on after dark. I turned the thing on in daylight today by my back porch which is about 90ft from closest pole. The Martins freaked out on it so I shut it off after a few minutes. I'm thinking they would have gotten used to the noise and Dancer eventually but I'm glad I don't plan to use during daylight.

Has anyone any experience with these things at night and if so I'd appreciate any tips! I don't want to flush Martins after dark or cause them too much undo stress.. ....thank you!
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Tim if the picture that I sent comes up it is a picture of my sight and as you can see I have five of them almost right under the racks. They will get used to them if you just have them come on right after it gets dark after they are all in for the night. I will say though that the owl will also get used to them. I have been using them for four years now and I think I have found out that the one thing It does is make it hard for the owl to zero in on a particular gourd that may have martins because of the noise. I now have flood lights on motion sensors so that if he does come in it will hopefully surprise him because my site is completely full so it doesn't matter what compartment he hits he is going to flush out martins. I hope this helps and let me know if the picture came through. Brett
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