Should I remove an egg?

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Diane Porter
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The eggs hatched 4 to 6 days ago. One egg did not hatch. Should I leave it with the surviving offspring or remove it?
Diane Porter
Fairfield, Iowa
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Diane, I have 1 egg out of 5 that did not hatch and it's been 2 days since they hatched. I'm wondering the same thing, how long before I dispose of the egg? I know I read it's not uncommon for 1 or some of the eggs to have not gotten fertilized by the male when they are SY pair. Hopefully someone will answer and let us know how long we should wait. Good luck. Doug
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When I do nest checks and discover that all eggs hatched except one I leave it until my next check just to be sure. Sometimes the parents will remove it or push it to the side. If it's still there I remove it myself and make note of it in the data I keep and report that to PMCA when I send the spread sheet in. Hope this helps.

Ed Svetich-WI
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I leave any unhatched eggs in the nest until the first nest replacement. I have never had one break or cause any issues.

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