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Martin Colony History: Well established 90 cavity colony. Mostly plastic gourds with some custom cedar houses atop pilings out over the river. We live stream the activity on our website https://youtu.be/fvj6V0X70G8

We are on the Maurice River. The Maurice is brackish and tidal. It meets the Delaware bay about three miles down at East Point, NJ. The area is remote and consists of dense marshland and swamp. Dragonflies abound.

Swallows arrive in mid August and finish nesting mid July. There is a large annual roost in mid August upriver a few miles at Mauricetown.

Last Night a rat snake visited our gourd with camera.

This is the beginning of the video:


Caution: You may not want to view the full video. It is not nice to watch. But if you choose to watch here it is https://youtu.be/-cmyAkQGUT0

There is some good news, the mother survived the attack.

Even though this was late at night with no one on site, we dispatched local help immediately. Fortunately the rat snake did not have the chance to move on to more gourds.

We were able to lower the rack, remove the rat snake and free the mother. She was roughed up but flew off. Today we noticed the male come to the gourd with a dragon fly to feed.

There is a predator guard on the pole. But the snake climbed the nearby camera mount pole that did not have a predator guard. This was our mistake and it has been corrected.

Good luck Martin Landlords.

Have a great Day

Terrapin Cove
Good luck Purple Martin Landlords.

Terrapin Cove

Always Live https://youtu.be/fvj6V0X70G8
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Had the same issue earlier this year. I don’t usually check at night, but we had a storm coming and was going to lower it. Found a fairly good sized snake 3’+ that had no intention of letting go. Eventually removed him to the demise of a couple of eggs and one female. Put up some netting and last week caught one that was thoroughly entangled. Should of known as we have had neighbors with chickens having problems. Live and learn I guess. 😢
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Can you tell me more about the netting you use and how is it attached to the pole? thanks
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