This morning Apm was stuck in the tunnel of my gourd I noticed the nest is really full and there’s four nestlings in it

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I am this was stuck in the tunnel of a gourd this morning noticed that the nest is very full and also has for nests links in it is there something we can do
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Martin Colony History: The 1972 St. Agnes flood wiped out all the Martins in my area. One day, in 1997-98, 5 or 6 Martins landed on the power wires crossing my back yard. I had no house for them. They kept coming back day after day. We got a martin house a few weeks later & they have been coming back every year since. I average 12-15 pair per year.

If an ASY (Adult second year) martin was stuck then you need to intervene & get it free or remove it if it was dead. That would allow the other parent to continue to feed the chicks.

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