Four babies, one egg

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I have my first ever pair.
A nest check last Monday the 22nd had one hatchling, today I have four hatchlings and one egg remains. I checked it for being capped.
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Ed Svetich-WI
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Martin Colony History: 24 Super and Excluder Gourds on two gourd racks, all SREH. Full occupancy. My philosophy is to maximize fledge % with existing cavities rather than adding gourds to grow colony, thus providing opportunities for new colony expansion. Fledge over 100 nestlings yearly from 24 gourds. Band nestlings in cooperation with state university. 2019 Adendum: Reduced colony size to 12 gourds to focus on more intensive management regimen.

Congratulations. Keep a close watch on your four founding nestlings. There is a 7 day period between finding the first nestling and the 3 additional. That is too long a time to not check on them. There is no reason to not be checking every couple of days, especially since a successful nest will determine if the parents will return next year.

I suggest doing a nest replacement at a minimum of 10 days of age and again at 20 days based on the hatch date. That will remove any vermin that may be in the nest and potentially harming the nestlings. You can do a search on this Forum to gain great information. If there is an experienced martin landlord near you, you can ask for assistance.

Good luck.

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