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Peter Alberda
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Martin Colony History: Started with Amish copy of Trendsetter 12 room house, added Trio Grandpa with expanded rooms, and North Star 8. Taking Trendsetter down this spring and adding gourd rack.

We have a pair of sy birds who showed up with a few others about a month ago. They built a nest right away, laid four eggs and now have three nice chicks. There is a second pair of sy birds who I think were with the others who came earlier who come around a few times every day. I don’t believe they stay the night. Do you think they have a nest somewhere else or are they not going to nest this year?
2020 - A pair of SY birds with three nice chicks. Lots of visitors all year long.
2015-2019 - A few lookers.
2014 - ASY male and SY female fledged four chicks.
2013 - Several visitors but none stayed to nest.
2012 - Lots of visitors all season long. We had a pair of sys but no chicks survived.
2011 - New location - A few visitors
2010 - First year – Poor house location.
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