Taking gourds down?

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I live in Central Virginia. I have not seen a PM fly by for weeks. I have a PM colony about a mile away I am visiting today. If the PM's are gone should I go ahead lower the gourds and plan next year? Or keep it up?
Ed Svetich-WI
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Leave them up. I bet there are martins checking them out. You cannot be there every daylight hour. If you have not prenested them, do so. It looks like they have been used previously. Ask the active colony when they lower their gourds/ house and follow their guidance.

Good luck in the future.

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Thanks Ed ...yes I have them prenested. Will follow the other colony's lead
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I leave the gourds up for at least a month after the Martins leave. Allot of Martins migrate south through here and sometimes they will come in at dusk and stay the night then leave before sunrise the next morning.
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Are you playing the Dawn Song? Also rube some mud on the entrance and on the porch’s if you have porch’s it makes it look lived in.
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