New 12 Troyer horizontal Gourd rack

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Martin Colony History: Started colony in 2014. First pair to stay and raise young in 2018.

I placed a new rack in the front yard soon after a large number of SYs arrived so the would have nesting areas because the other 3 racks were full of ASYs. They took to it very quickly and within 2 days they were nest building. So I had 5 new pairs with eggs only 1 nest now has 2 to 3 week old babies. Nothing has hatched in the other 4 gourds and I don’t see any birds moving in and out of the gourds anymore. Have these young SYs given up on nesting and left.
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Keep an eye out for owls. Set up a game camera if you can. Owls can and will land on gourds/housing and Shake the housing till the martins fly out in the dark then pursue them.

I don’t think they would just abandon their eggs for no reason something happened.

Here is a great video on YouTube showing an owl attacking housing and the martins fleeing into the darkness only to be pursued by the owl.
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