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Hello all, We have 4 babies that should fledge between July 20-25 and one other nest with 1 baby and 2 infertile eggs still in the nest. Should I remove these eggs during our next nest check?

Quick refresher, my houses are in the front of our property and not visible from our yard & home. I check them at least 4x a day and spend 20+ minutes each time to get a feel of what's happening and sparrow plucking. Yesterday eve I spotted 3 ASY male on the power lines sitting with our SY's. Today, an ASY landed on the house rack and tried to climb on the SY female sitting on the porch of the 4 baby gourd. They fought all the way down ending just above water. He then was going in an out of some empty gourds to the displeasure of SY's.

Is this ok and normal? Also, is there a time of day that these chicks will fledge? I don't want to miss it! Thanks, Doug
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Yes Martins are a rowdy bunch. Yesterday i observed a female SY feed her remaining baby a dragon fly
. They both went inside the gourd. In the mean time a floater martin came to the gourd just as the parent was leaving and slipped in and came out with the dragon fly stolen from the baby and went to the adjacent gourd and gave it to another floater that was doing nothing but causing trouble.
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Once I know eggs are not good I remove them. I don't want to risk them getting broken and or causing a mess in the nest. More then likely the ASY male(s) were just stopping by from a nearby colony. It's too late in the year for new ASY"s to be arriving and it's too early for martins north of you to be migrating south. I have seen martins fledge at all times of day. Some come right out and take off quickly. Others spend all day coming out on the porch and then going back in. Whats funny is sometime martins from other colonies seem to know when your are due to start fledging. Several times when I had a smaller colony I would see 15-20 extra martins at my site "encouraging" young on their first flight. If you look out one day and see a lot more martins than normal swarming around there is possibly a first flight about to happen.
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I had a very successful season! I don’t have a huge pm house, and doubled the cavity size in 10 nests. Had 42 eggs, all hatched, did not lose a single baby and all fledged. I still have the house up, but is it just me, or did this seem to happen so fast?
Maybe I just miss them, but it seemed they all left sooner than last year.
I videotaped “flight school” when many took their first flight. There were more adult PMs that came from somewhere to encourage the newbies to take the leap. So glad I have that noisy, exciting day to look at now.
Counting the days for next season!!
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Many thanks for the replies!

I hope to get many more next year because this was very moving, for me, in many ways! LisaJ, I'm all prepared to film the event also. I'm sure that I will miss their talk, the B52 cruise in the air and dive bombing me every 5 days. Very pleased that I found martins and they found me plus, this board! Thanks again, Doug
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