An Albino!

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See what fledged today:
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John C
Fisherville, Ontario, Canada.
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That is incredible I wish it could be saved somehow.
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That's the coolest thing ever. Go catch him and keep him forever.

Better yet, next year someone here will be able to post they have an albino SY bird. Now that would be cool.

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Conrad Baker
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That is definitely the coolest thing I have seen in a while !! I want one !!
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Wow! Thanks for the picture. I would have never believed it!
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Please take more pictures!! They are as rare as your fledgling!! 8)
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How beautiful! Will he survive? Will his eyesight be compromised?
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Beautiful bird I don't think he or she will breed (infertile). Must be a sight to behold though. Hopefully she stops by here on way down south. Northern birds rock. They work harder and deserve praise. Mine ready to fledge in week or two. First nesting pair ever. After 4 yrs trying. Hopefully they survive migration and return in spring
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This looks very similar to the new chick in our colony this year at North Welcome Slough in Cathlamet, WA. Ours is not stark white but all light colored, pink beak and feet, but eyes are dark. Banded with Federal #2891-25160, and WA green L leg band W 160.

Neither parent was banded. There were 6 chicks and only one was white. The biologist took a piece of feather for dna.

I am not sure how but if I can figure it out I will post a picture.
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Purple Martin Flock at the center point of Welcome Slough (a channel that opens into the Columbia River about 25 mi upriver from Astoria, OR)
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That is beautiful!
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