Northeastern North Carolina Martins

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As members of the Coastal Carolina Purple Martin Society we monitor activity at a well-known roost in Dare County, North Carolina, at the west end of the Old Manns Harbor Bridge. Usually by now, we see upwards of 20,000 martins roosting here and by August 1 we usually see 80,000 to 100,000. We work with the state Department of Transportation and Dare County to keep the bridge area safe for martins and motorists. We host educational events here, too. As of July 19, we are seeing very few martins at the roost. I have heard from several landlords in the area who have lost their colonies this year. I lost all nestlings in the T-14 I manage after an extended period of heavy rain and an infestation of mites. Martins rebuilt nests after I cleaned the cavities, and I have new nestlings in some of them. But I worry that we won't see many martins roosting here at the usual time. I wonder if anyone in the region has had similar problems with their colonies. --Michael E.C. Gery, Roanoke Island, N.C.
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