Timing on removing predator guards and cleaning vacated cavities

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Martin Colony History: Inherited several martin houses 31 years ago when I became the second owner of a home built in 1938 by the current owner. The houses were originally heavy treated wood and were rebuilt a few times until I finally replaced them with aluminum and added a 3rd house. They come back every year and it's a lot of work that I have no choice in now.

I had a good year with over 35 successful, healthy and flying new martins. I removed starling nest and eggs regularly and my snake guards worked great so; no loss.
As the young started flying, I removed the doors and flooring from the cavities that did not have resting Martin fledglings. Yesterday I removed the owl guards and snake guards and this morning, chased a red hawk off one of the houses.
Did I removed the owl guards too soon? Can the hawks still attack the flying young? The Martins are pretty much gone but gather around the houses a couple of times a day. I think they will all leave this week or next.
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I leave everything as is until there are no martins spending the night. Before I had an established colony I would leave everything up until the fall just in case martins from further north would find my site and come back the next year. Now that I have an established colony I wait until mine are gone for a week or so and take them down and get them out of the weather while it is still decent out.
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I do the same as flyin-lowe. One to two weeks after the last departure, I take everything down for a good cleaning and stoarge for the winter.
Mite control, heat venting, predator protection and additional feeding during bad weather add up to success.
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