Bluebirds and tree swallows

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Peter Alberda
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Martin Colony History: Started with Amish copy of Trendsetter 12 room house, added Trio Grandpa with expanded rooms, and North Star 8. Taking Trendsetter down this spring and adding gourd rack.

This is short note for those of you who have trouble with bluebirds and tree swallows dominating your housing. Over the years I have often seen martins come to check out our housing, only to be chased away. Bbs and ts were never allowed to nest in the martin housing but they didn’t want martins around. They had their own nest boxes the prescribed forty feet away but they still owned and protected the Martin housing. Frustrating!!
But this year we got a pair that wouldn’t be run off. They have three nice chicks that should fledge sometime next week. It wasn’t at all uncommon to see all three species sitting on the wire next to the housing at the same time. You just have to wait for the right birds to come along and you’ll be a landlord.
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2020 - A pair of SY birds with three nice chicks. Lots of visitors all year long.
2015-2019 - A few lookers.
2014 - ASY male and SY female fledged four chicks.
2013 - Several visitors but none stayed to nest.
2012 - Lots of visitors all season long. We had a pair of sys but no chicks survived.
2011 - New location - A few visitors
2010 - First year – Poor house location.
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