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I painted the inside of the compartments with mud but was wondering if there is another way of making them dark? I'm planning for next year. Thanks for any suggestions as this is my second year of being a landlord and I'm quite new at this.
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What type of cavities do you have? Gourds or house?

I use Troyer Horizontals and S&K BO 11 Plus gourds. I found that, with these gourds, I do not have to alter the interior for darkness. Specially the BO11 Plus gourds since they have a black inner shell. This black inner shell also helps regulate temperature.

I took one of my BIg BO gourds and painted the inside with black spray paint. Once I got done with it I had a good long look at it and decided that it may get too hot on the inside as a result of the added paint. I never used this gourd out of that fear so I can't say if that worked or not. I was also concerned with the chemicals in the paint possibly causing respiratory problems in the birds.

A good quality and well constructed gourd doesn't need to be altered to achieve the darkness. Next year I will have all Troyer Horizontal, Troyer Vertical and BO11 Plus gourds. All with tunnels.

Although I did not give a solution to darken your current cavities I hope this will help in your thought process.

Good luck to you.

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I have a wood house and painted the inside with mud which worked but was just wondering if anyone used something else.
Thanks Whippy!
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Hi DeeCee,
There is no need to darken the interiors with anything.
Mite control, heat venting, predator protection and additional feeding during bad weather add up to success.
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