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I knew the end of this season was coming to a close by the dwindling amount of birds at the condo. Just not too long ago it was chaos with all the new additions hanging around. You knew who the parents were , they were the ones scolding the children. My Martins knew me well because most evening I would sit under them and enjoy their acrobatic flights And singing. They would get excited when they would see me. I’m guessing the young ones got to know me When I would open the door and peer into their home to see if they were ok , they would just sit there and stare at me. Last week the last few birds were hanging around and then they were gone for a few days I was hoping for a glimpse of a Martin but nothing. I finally settled on the fact that they were gone , but the other evening as I was standing outside looking into the horizon I seen them coming in for a final flyby , it wasn’t all of them but maybe about ten or so. They flew low and whistled as to say bye but hey didn’t land just made a few passes then were gone. I’m happy they came by , can’t wait to see them again next year. Safe travels my Martins.
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Martin Colony History: Started 2015 with 6 HTG excluders, added 6 S&K Bo with excluder tunnels in 2016. Full occupancy both years, many fledglings.

I still seem to have a few FY martins, and a couple SY trying to fledge the last babies. I hope they get the last of them fledged before they all leave!
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