Martins drinking.

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Mike Mack
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Hi All, wondering if anybody ever sees martins drinking from a water source to small to drink from while on the fly? I've watched martins gather mud from around mud holes but can't remember seeing them drink except on the fly. Dont know if they can drink when not flying. Have read about them drinking out of swimming pools while flying. But what would be the smallest area of water they can drink from on the fly?Would appreciate any thoughts or insights on this. Thanks Mike.
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Hi Mike. I've seen them drink from a small pond while flying and swooping down and skimming the water surface. The pond is about 100 feet in diameter and is relatively free of trees. I've never,for example, seen them sit at a bird bath and drink.
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I see them swooping down and drinking from Lake Ontario all the time.
Dave Duit
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Purple Martin will not drink from a bird bath or small source of water. They only drink while in flight.
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