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well image came out larger then expected.

Before i move forward wanted input on my location to get thoughts on if i should put up martin gourds. Understand from neighbor their was an active colony at one time in neighbors house behind me several years ago. Tree grew up next to martin house and think that was maybe why martins left. New person has moved in and this year tried to get Martins to return by moving house to more open area. Starlings and house sparrows moved in along with one pair of tree swallows that fledged young. Been working with him to take care of starlings and house sparrows.

Green circle is Tree Would be 40 ft plus from pole
Carport Red roof would be about 20 ft from pole Carport is 14 ft at highest point
Blue circles are crepe myrtle tree that around about 12-14 in height

Think i have good open space to east and back over backyard. South not so sure. North northwest trees would block but are far away from pole.

Closest active Martin colony is around 1 mile (Ag Center 2 poles 16 super gourds). Closest water is Radnor Lake State Park is less than 2 miles

Any comments would be greatly appreciated before i move forward to purchase.

On a side note, have been enjoying watching the Martins fly over house to roost in Downtown Nashville. Best night so far was 534 birds in just over an hour.
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I think it is worth a shot. You may want to try a budget setup to see how the martins like the site before committing to a more expensive setup. Getting the starlings and hosp under control would be my first priority as they will simply run off most looking martins.
Dave Duit
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Hi hanaho01,
Thank you for providing an ariel view of your location as it helps greatly in understanding where to put up a possible martin house. I think your intended location for a house is ideal and should be tried. Since there were martins in your location in past years, it shows that martins are at least open to the area for a possible colony. As mentioned in the previous post, sparrow and starling control are vital in establsihing a successful colony in the future. Tree swallows shoudl not be allowed to set up nesting in your housing, instead offer a tee swallow nesting box for them to take up residence in their own house. Tree swallows are very territorial and will drive out possible martins from your martin house. Never kill a tree swallow. But most definitely eliminate all sparrows and starlings. I'm sure have already heard about how to attract a new colony before, but the basics are sparrow/starling control, housing in the most open fly zone as your location allows, playing the cd dawnsong just before sunrise, smearing a little mud to discolor the outside entrances so as to appear as if there was a successful nesting the year before which is a big attractor to visiting new second year martins which will be your first nesting pair. I wish you the best hanah.
Mite control, heat venting, predator protection and additional feeding during bad weather add up to success.
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Thanks for the input. Going to give it a try. Going to talk with neighbor about putting starling excluders on his house. BuildIng a hosp trap and a starling trap. Should keep me busy this winter.
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