How do I install a mister?

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It has been so hot here in Texas and I know some people use misters. I have about 30 birds in a 12 compartment trio (including young and eggs). I don't want them to get overheated since they are so crowded. I found one fully developed egg on the ground at yesterday evenings walk-under....hope that wasn't caused by the heat. Any ideas, instructions would be appreciated.

Hot in Texas!! :oops:

We've been watching the weather, and saw today that parts of TX are getting 100-degree temps. Whew!

Robert Schneewind of MN wrote an article that was published in the most recent issue of the Purple Martin Update, vol. 14(2), which shows a picture of how he installed his Arizona Mist Viper personal mist system. After hooking it up to his garden hose, he ran the thin hose of the mister up the pole, and along the porch railings of his Trio Grandpa house, cinching the railing and the hose together using zip ties. The hose of the AZ Mist Viper can be bent into angles, so it looks like he just arched it up over the top of his house, with the mist nozzle a few inches above the center of the roof.

Some plastic-coated copper wire could be used to keep the hose flat up against the pole. Predator guards will be important, because a hose would probably make it even easier for a snake to climb the pole.

Hope it cools down a bit for you soon!


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We've had a $10 Arizona Mist mist-er on our pole for a couple of weeks, turning it on at a very low setting during the hottest of the afternoon hours (about 4 hours/day). We've also drilled a whole lot of closely-spaced holes in the access lid to the one occupied gourd, a Troyer Horizontal. Yesterday we found quite a substantial mite infestation. We did a big-time emergency re-nesting, even though the fledglings were about 21 days old. Side note: we used cedar chips and pine needles; we may have over-filled the gourd a little, causing some traffic jams inside the gourd; so y'all watch out for making that mistake! One female fledgling flew the coop (appears to be just fine, flying around and practicing with mama and papa PM and being fed by them). BTW, we coil-up the dangling end of the 20-foot mist supply hose and bungee it up against the pole at night, above the predator guard.

Out of some concern that the mist-er may have contributed to the mite infestation, we're cutting back its usage to just the hottest hour or two, and even then for only about 5 minutes each hour. Anyone have any related experience? I'd really hate to give up mist-ing.

I think we've found a good way to cool down the general area around our PM pole. Two or three times each afternoon, when it's hottest, we take a hose with a small-orifice nozzle (sold at Home depot for boring under sidewalks) and liberally spray trees, roof surfaces, and fences in the vicinity (we're in the suburbs, in Richardson, Texas). All other kinds of desireable birds like it, too ~ I saw cardinals taking a bath up in the trees by rolling around and flapping among the dripping leaves! We also turn on lawn sprinklers in the area. The only problem with this approach is, you need to be around during the day to do it; and there may be water-usage limits in certain places.

In Texas where the humidity is so high I would avoid putting water or mist directly onto the house. This will contribute to mites, mold and mildew in the nests.

For those who disagree I suggest you build yourself a sheet metal or wooden box with an opening just big enough for you to fit through as well as a few additional vent holes. Then place leaves, twigs, and straw on the floor. Strip down to your swimming trunks, turn on the mister outside of the house pointing it directly at the house like you would have it for your PM house and sit in there for a week. I would predict you would have all sorts of strange things growing around and on you at the end of the week.

Stephen's suggestion is the best and you don't have to install anything.
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Apparently the "search" function does not work anymore, otherwise I'd re-post the old posting. I used an Arizona Mist Kit with 6 nozzles on the tubing. I fastened the horizontal tubing with the nozzles to a piece of 1/2 X 1/2" aluminum angle with zip ties. The horizontal assembly was attached to a vertical piece of aluminum flat bar and was placed between my two sets of houses. The nozzles are about 12-18" above the roof. Each nozzle was placed on the horizontal tube at different down angles to provide coverage of the entire colony. The horizonal nozzle assembly has a "T" that has a 3/8" OD plastic tube that goes down the pole to the ground. where the garden hose is connected. The Mister system is working quite well. The mist encompasses the houses as well as the gourds. I've been misting between 2-4 hrs a day for the last 3 weeks. The adults seem to enjoy it as several of them were seen bathing in the mist as well as cooling their open mouths! :grin:
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