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The Olsons
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Joined: Mon Feb 12, 2007 12:57 pm
Location: North Padre Island, TX

We are new to the Forum and would like
to introduce ourselves. We are "The Olsons",
Astrid, my husband Lynn and our son Tim.
We are very excited to be part of the Forum
now and are looking forward to exchange many
wonderful Martin stories with you. Our Avatar
shows our very first bird Arnie and his "wife"
Maria checking out new housing. Also, we
would like to thank John Barrow for making
this all possible for us with his love for the
Martins and his patience for us, and Louise
Chambers for being a great friend!
Louise Chambers
Site Admin
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it's great to have you here :grin: I think you'll enjoy the community and help of so many landlords and/or martin 'nuts'. By the way, many of us fit into BOTH categories very nicely. Be sure to let us know when Arnie is staying with you again, I know you can't wait for your daily visits.


PS. it looks like Arnie and Maria are trying to decide which of the deck chairs to use...

Hi folks ,welcome aboard,,,,,,,I look forward to hearing your saltwater stories.

The Olsons
Posts: 3200
Joined: Mon Feb 12, 2007 12:57 pm
Location: North Padre Island, TX

Thank you Louise and Thank you Dick for your welcome message. I have been reading the Forum for quite some time and I think it is a great group of people with lots of informative and interesting. It is also great to be in touch with people who have one thing in common--the unconditional love for the Martins :P
Dick, I am sure we will have lots of saltwater stories as we go along in the season....
Can't wait for these coldfronts to go away. I'll be in touch.
Dave S (Texas)
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Hi Olsons! Welcome. Padre is great, see any Whoopers?

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain
John Atteberry

Hello The Olsons,
Welcome to this Forum and to an exciting hobby! I hope you enjoy the site and fill up with martins this year!!! John!
Bob Flam

Hi Olson's!

I'm one of the nuts! Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooo :lol: :lol: 8)

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Hello Olson's! Welcome aboard! :grin: Keep the forum close and let us know how y'all are doing.
I'm a "nestcamaholic" Is 18 hours a day a bad thing? (I have 2 this year, luckily I have 2 eyes!)
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Hello Olson's
I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I have, it has not only been a
great friend but all the friends here have taught me a lot!! Hope you have
a GREAT season!!!!!
April McClelland

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Donnie Hurdt MN
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Hello Olson's from a wannabe in Mn.! Hope all goes well for you this year.
PMCA member and Martin fanatic....
2011 A pair of subbies fledged three young but none returned in 2012 :-(
2015 One Pair of subbies came and stayed a few nits but got chased away by Bluebirds and Tree swallows. :-(
2017 0ne pair of subbies nested and fledged 4 young
2018 Tree Swallows AGAIN chased away any martins that wanted to nest :evil:
2019 Same old story................ :-(

Welcome to the forum !!!!!.....my husband did seismograph work off Padre Island....he says its beautiful down there !!!!!......good luck to you !!!!.........Bren
Ken&Sheryle - TX
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Welcome to the Forum. You will love it here. There is a wealth of information that you can obtained from the good folks here and it is so fun posting pictures of the Martins and talking/sharing stories.

Have a Blessed Day,
Martin's Rule!!!!!!!!!
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