How late is to late in Indiana

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How late is to late in Indiana for martins to build a new nest.


John & Linda - KY
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I don't claim to be an expert, but I haven't heard of martins in this area, across the Ohio from Indiana, starting a new nest/clutch after early June. -- John
Mary Dawnsong
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Here in southeastern Michigan I've had several pairs of martins start clutches in the first week of July and successfully fledge young. It is not a common occurrence, but it does happen.

These late broods fledge in late August when there is usually plenty of food around to feed them. We start getting frosts in early September, so parents have to get them trained to hunt and get them headed south. Biggest problem with late broods here is that Dad sometimes abandons his family and heads south when other colony mates leave. Mom gets left alone with the kids and eventually left alone in the colony when all other families depart. Single Purple Martin Moms are tough and strong-willed birds!!!!

Good luck, Mary
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I'm north of you a bit in Coatesville Indiana and have 3 late nests being built right now by SY pairs so don't give up yet!! I've been blessed, went from 3 pair last year to 17 pair with young and or eggs with 3 more pair building!!
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We have 8 nest with 6 babies and 32 eggs but it looked like we had about 3 more nest that they were building. One of them just had a real thin layer on the botoom of the gourd and had some green leaves in it so I did not know if they were going to start laying eggs or if it was a martin looking for a mate. This is our first year. The farm we bought had martin but they have been negleted. We are probably 1/8 mile from that location.
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Latest eggs laid here in NW Ohio for me was July 9th, she started laying them on the 5th. and all 6 fledged but it was very late when they finally left, they actually roosted with the barn swallow roost just south of here. It was kind of neat 8 martins and couple 1000 barneys. I would ride my bike (cardiovascular workout) daily each evening to check on them. They were real easy to pick out of the crowd.
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