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I was just about to give up hope getting martins this year, I had martins in the past several years but nothing this year. I had spoken to landlords in my area and they also noted the lack of martins, An Amish farmer I know didn't even see a single martin since the last time I spoke with him. This was over the Memorial day weekend. We both had thought that maybe there was a large number of fatalities when they departed last year
maybe because of the number of hurricanes down south. Well that changed this weekend I now have had a pair of martins all weekend and this morning both are still here. I have 2 houses a t-14 and a trio both with the large compatments and starling resistant holes, A few years ago I had late arrivals and they fledged 4 martins, they stayed well past september, but both parents stayed. I hope this pair does the same.
Greg Z

I got an adult martin male over the memorial day weekend. I live in Milwaukee. he attracted a female. my first pair after trying for 19 years. I also have a sub-adult male trying for a female, but he isn't successful yet.
After reading your report, I feel more hope for him.
thanks for sharing
Ed Svetich-WI
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Martin Colony History: 24 Super and Excluder Gourds on two gourd racks, all SREH. Full occupancy. My philosophy is to maximize fledge % with existing cavities rather than adding gourds to grow colony, thus providing opportunities for new colony expansion. Fledge over 100 nestlings yearly from 24 gourds. Band nestlings in cooperation with state university. 2019 Adendum: Reduced colony size to 12 gourds to focus on more intensive management regimen.

I am in South central Wisconsin near Oxford. I had a new ASY male and female show up this weekend and stay as well as another SY male. I figure that the ASY pair had a nest failure somewhere. The way that they were exploring empty cavities, it looks like they could try to nest, although it is getting a bit late. All my birds were late this year though. It is still a nice surprise to see them show up.

Good luck to you. With the way this spring and summer have been weather wise, anything is possible. The temp was 45 degrees Friday and Saturday morning.

Very pleased for you to attract at least some birds. The late comers there avoid the late winter/early spring weather that every few years seems to decimate the northern colonies. Further south (in this case TN) we're able to attract birds more consistently and often in good abundance. I guess its just a small price you have to pay for living in gods-country.
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