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the other day i had a nest check and found 4 eggs. the next week two had hatched. one was in the nest and the other was out on the ledge. i put him back in the nest. the next week i checked to see if he was o.k. what i found was one egg was partially open and had died. another looked like it was premature and laying out on the ledge dead. the other bird i picked up the other week and put it back inside was gone. what do you think happened? would the martins remove the birds from the nest? the bird i picked up was a good size.
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Tought question..stuff like that happens sometimes, and nobody knows why it happened. It could have been starlings, sparrows, SY males, the mother moved it,etc. Even if you try to monitor it more closely, you still may not know why ti happened.

You need to install a nestcam if you are interested, thats the only way to go.
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