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We had our first martin egg around June 12th and another nest check on June 15th there were 4 eggs. Nest check on June 25th revealed 5 eggs. On July 5th we had 1 hatchling and 4 eggs. My wife checked again on the 7th and we still had 1 hatchling and 4 eggs. She checked again tonight the 8th and there were 3 eggs and 1 pinky yet. No egg on the ground.

Any idea what is going on here? Do we possibly only have 1 fertile egg? Where did the missing egg go to? Who knows I guess. This is a first year pair.

Thanks in advance. Chris
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Sometimes the parents will remove an egg or push it to the side. I usually give unhatched eggs a week or so before removing them. I have removed eggs once it was obvious that they will not hatch. It is possible that only one was fertile in the clutch. I had a nest of 6 eggs once and none hatched but while I was waiting the pair laid another clutch. I could not determine which were which so I had to wait until the latest laid eggs hatched. Don't really know what happened but be patient.

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I think we have all had the odd nest with one or two babies even though 6 eggs were originally laid. There’s no telling what happened but the martins can remove them if they don’t hatch. Some do some don’t but I’f they do remove them they fly a good distance and drop them. You’ll see them do this with the eggshells and the babies droppings as well.
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