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Ok. Sorry for my freq. posts but it seems I have all these issues popping up at once! I did lower my house and to my surprise I have one more nest with 2 brand new babes and one egg and I do see mites. My ?'s:

exactly how do I use the spray or dust (which is better)?
where do i get it?
do I treat all the other nests? (all the other babes have fledged)

Thank you again. You guys are great!

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You can buy Sevin in any store that sells gardening equipment, any nursery, Walmart, etc.

If you buy the powder, put 1/2 teaspoon under the nest near the entrance. I would put it in all the nests to be safe. This is really easy.

If you buy the liquid, you will need to take the babies out of the nest, and spray the tops & bottoms of the cavities, maybe even the outside a bit, but I would not spray the nest where you replace the babies. I would try to spray under the nest.

Both are excellent mite killers, so its your choice
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