Help! Should I Put A Second House Up?

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This is my 3rd year at this location and I have 3 pair of Asy’s ..they have been here since March 21, been building nest for the last 9 days. My problem now is I have other asy’s coming that seem to want a home plus some sy’s. They fight them all off. I have a second house I could put up with 4 large compartments it would be about 12 feet away from the other on the edge of Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma. I would hate to upset my happy 3 pair by adding another home. I have a neighbor not far away that is not staying here full time and the starlings have taking over most of his house. Could these be his birds coming here now? What should I do? I Could use some advice.
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Yes. You are safe to put more housing up. Once your ASY pair started building their nest, they are dedicated to your site and will not leave. Try to put up the housing when they are out foraging fior insects during the mid afternoon, or whenever they are usually out away from their housing. You should be fine with the second house. In fact, it is better to place the new housing during the season.
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Thank you so much for your help. They are away now and it’s ready to go. Hope it stops the fighting.
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The second house will be a welcome. I have 2 houses and they still fight. They seem a little more settled since all nests now have eggs or babies.🙂 Good luck!
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I don't think the birds you have now will mind a bit but don't expect it to stop the fighting, that's what they do. When I put my second gourd rack up all the new birds still wanted in the first rack until a few decided to nest in it and then it became more appealing to the others.
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I would put up the 2nd house.
Also might add I have 4 houses and they are 12 feet apart. [ Later
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