Storm just toppled my Martin house

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I’m so disappointed! I’m a first year landlord and this evening we were to do our second nest checks. I was expecting three pairs to have eggs. A storm came out of nowhere just now and toppled one of my Martin houses. We went out to retrieve it and the two nests in that house did in fact have eggs, all of which were broken. The birds were nowhere to be seen. We were able to re-bend the pole and get the house back up. The birds have since returned. Is there any hope at all that they might lay a new clutch? They had just laid the eggs this week. Sad in Kentucky.
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I have had the experience of a pair laying 2 clutches not because they were destroyed but because the 1st eggs were infertile. So I'd say yes it is possible. Sorry to hear what happened. Good luck.
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There is hope!

I live just 60-70 miles from you the way the crow flies. The same happened to me about this time of year 12 years ago.

It did make me buy poles intended for use with martin housing. I thought galvanized steel (I believe 1 3/4") would have been good. Nope. Buy the mid to upper range quality poles from a martin equipment supplier.

Also, I lower my gourds to 2/3 to 1/2 height when storms are coming. This brings them down to head height. If they have active nests, they will not abandon.
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I use to lower my houses 2-4 ft before storms arrived. That worked fine until I couldn't lower because Iwas not home. Now, I leave all houses down 2-4 ft.all season long. Does not bother the birds at all. Friday, we had a big thunderstorm roll thru. I lowered them more maybe 5-7 ft down. They did fine and the birds did fine. We have 70 plus nests with babies or eggs.

Years ago, I was replacing trio poles every season because of severe weather and the winds that come with it. Usually they would bend at ground level, sometimes to the ground or maybe a fortyfive degree bend. I started to add smaller sized diameter pipe inside the trio poles to help strengthen them up. I keep my trio houses 3 1/2- 4 ft. down from the top all season long. The trios have held up quite well.

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I had a tritel pole for a season, which did fine, but for the next season I bought a gourd rack and it has a big square pole.

Your martins are gonna likely lay again. They dont give up. But keep in mind, the pole is even weaker now that it’s been stressed from bending and rebending.
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Thanks to all of you for the suggestions, and also the encouragement. This morning it appears that our birds are still here. It will be interesting to see if the pairs that had eggs will try to revamp the tossled but empty nests, or choose a different compartment. I’ve learned a valuable lesson. We’ve lowered houses before bad weather before- but this has taught me not to always trust the radar. This wind was wicked, and it just didn’t match the radar signature. Since we can’t make any substantial changes to our pole system mid season, we will do our best to reinforce them- I love the suggestion to use another pole inside. Thanks again- this forum community is simply fantastic.
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Probably the same storm system that came through Indiana last night. I lowered my housing a few feet just before dark and am glad I did. They have been through stronger storms but you never know. The one we had last night only last about 20 minutes but the winds went from 0-60 in a few seconds. I am not sure what kind of pole you have but as was mentioned before it will bend a lot easier now at that same spot. You will need some way to firm it up to get through this season.
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Moral of the story - don't give up, they will renest.
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The poles I have are the typical purple martin 'tri-tel' poles from our local farm supply store- affordable for someone seeing if they can start a colony. But- when we make it through this season we're thinking we might upgrade to a different pole with a winch system.

Saturday's storm bent one of the poles near the base, causing the house to fall. We cut the bent part out and got the box up within 30 minutes, although the box now sits lower. The second box didn't fall, but the pole was tilted. We repaired that pole yesterday, and it took about 30 minutes. While the box was lowered- I found a nest with INTACT eggs. Pretty excited about that.

We hurried to get the poles are back up ASAP, but now they don't telescope very well. So- as is, it won't be very easy to do nest checks. I'm afraid the poles will jam and it will be very disruptive to 'unstick' them. We still need to try to reinforce the poles and attach the predator guards.
I'm trying to decide if we should do that immediately, wait a few days, or just leave my already rattled colony alone.

This is a first year site- all SY. It may be my imagination, but we seem to have fewer birds this morning. Usually 12- I've only seen 6.

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