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Tried last year, no luck. Stopped at the bait store today and picked up some crickets. After about ten tosses, one ASY male flew down from the rack taking one. It must have been good because each toss after that had a PM taking the meal! Relieved!! Now I don't have to worry about this long cold spell.

Tomorrow will be day three so they need food.
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Congratulations, DC! How many martins do you have back? I was so upset when I looked at the forcast for the next week and saw that we won't have good feeding weather until maybe next Friday now, but that all went away when my martins started feeding yesterday.

I ordered another 2000 crickets from and they'll be here Tues. Meanwhile, I'm scrambling eggs to supplement the 1000 crickets I have on hand. Best of luck to you and please keep us posted on your success!

Awesome feeling isn't it!?! 8)
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That is fantastic you were able to get them to feed on crickets. Nice job. At least you have comfort in knowing you will most likely save your birds during this cold spell. What a great feeling you must have.

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YES!! What a great feeling!

They don't forget either. Went out this morning, first toss, ASY male took it right away.

I only have six to feed so I don't need many crickets.

Best wishes everyone!
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Location: Kansas is an awesome feeling!! What is amazing too is that they don't forget from one year to the next!! So happy for you!!

Dawn :)
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You and I are in the same geographical longitude. The big spring chill is on. But wasn't it great that we had temps in the 70's and 80's last week?! That must have given the returning martins a good feed.

Only 10 tosses and you got a taker? That's awesome. Mine took 3 days and 60-70 crickets on the third day to get one to try one. The rest was history!
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I am so happy to hear that you are going out of your way to help the martins survive. It is not easy to get them to eat supplemental food, but with lots of patience and lots of love we all will succeed. It is an awesome feeling to see how they trust us and know we are helping them. Keep up the great work :grin:
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ALRIGHT !! More feeding in Kentucky !! Congrats... I have 7 Purple Martins at my home colony as of this post. I toss them crickets on my driveway so that any that I drop or they miss, I pick up and toss again. Many times when I am bent over trying to catch a cricket (I use live crickets because I bet my martins prefer live) I will hear or feel the wind of martins flying so close.
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Great... and they will also remember next year when they return. Now next step...train them to feed from a platform, tray, or roof top and your feeding worries are over. They will learn to eat scrambled eggs chopped up small as well.
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Congratulations! Now you never need worry again - well, we always worry - but you know that you can help them survive and that they'll remember it now from year to year. That's pretty quick - 10 tosses !

With more and more people getting their birds onto supplemental feeding every year, I always tell people in our PM club to try it as soon as the weather turns, because they never know if one of their birds, having come through all the southern states to get home, has encountered feeding at one of their stop-overs. They might already have a "trained" bird at their colony that will be able to quickly show the others.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to our birds from here on in. Happy martineering ! ..... the website of the Ontario Purple Martin Association, in SW Ontario, Can
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