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Mary Wilson-SW Ont
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Our Quad Pod has been up for about 5 years at a local golf course. Today when nest checking I found a female martin, dead, hanging by her leg which was caught in the narrow space that runs vertically on each side of the porch where it adjoins the pod. I had difficulty getting her out - her leg was quite jammed. I have never seen this before on our system, and have never seen it reported by anyone else, so I guess it is one of those "flukey" things that can happen. But little spaces like this can be a potential trap - like the little gap in the corners of the bed and breakfast trays - years ago we saw a martin hanging upside down with its leg caught in that gap - fortunately for that martin, we saw it from our kitchen window and freed it before any damage was done.

We fixed the B+B by simply pinching the tray sides together to close the gap. I will probably try to close the quad pod spaces with caulking.

There seems to be no end to the potential dangers that face our birds ....
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Thank you passing on the warning! We added that system this year. I'm very new so appreciate it.
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Thanks for the heads-up. I will look at mine and see what can be done.
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