Killer Sparrows on Rampage Today

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Kelly Applegate~MN
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It sounds like the sparrows in your area have learned that you are out to get them. I have had the same problem in the past and it's enough to give someone a nervous breakdown! Two years ago, I had droves of sparrows attempting to nest in my housing. This idea may work well for you:

1. place a step ladder under the sparrow's chosen gourd or compartment (make sure that it is not in the same housing as the martins, the martins may abandon the site if you bother them at night).
2. wait till late at night and sneak up the ladder very quietly and plug the hole with something like a wadded up dish cloth.
3. in the morning, place an empty bread bag over the hole while you remove the dishcloth. You might have to shake them out of their nest. They should fly right in the bag.

The key is to never disturb your martin pair at night, they may mistake it for an attack by predators and abandon the site. Also, never let the sparrows see you go up the ladder, they will quickly learn what your up to.

This has helped me catch some very smart sparrows.
Sharon - Central TX
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Good News! I managed to get one sparrow yesterday and another today while they were raiding the barn swallow nest on our back porch. I have a good vantage point by opening our back door a crack and shooting from there. It is a new place to shoot from and neither sparrow was expecting it. I think I got the obnoxious one who has been alluding me.
I tried something else and will see if it works. I took the nest from the wren house and put it in the ST-1 trap. I found some fake eggs at Hobby Lobby that look just like real bird eggs. I put a couple in the nest. I just did that this morning. So far no takers. We'll see if it works or not.
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I have more trouble with sparrows than any other pest there is to the Purple Martins.

I have two PMCA baited repeating sparrow trap and a home made ?tipping can? repeating trap.

I use dry dog food early in the season and mixed bird seed when the sparrows have their
babies are fledged, this the time when the PMCA repeating trap can catch the whole brood.
I?ve caught as many as seven sparrows at the time that I?m at work.

The tipping can works when both starlings and sparrows looking for a nesting place
I have to keep a watchful eye on this for when the sub adults returns and more of them
my 12 rooms can accommodate. The old thinking that Martins will not go to a house that
is close to a tree. They do come and I have to reduce the size of the entrance to this trap.

I?m currently working on a trap house that will be dedicated to catch sparrows.
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