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If you guys and girls get your martins in February does this mean that they nest in March ? What do they do in April May June and July besides eat bugs.When does your martins head south again? You must get to enjoy your martins 6 or 7 months and us up here in Pa. only get 4
months.Will your martins nest more then one time in the spring?
Hope you all have a safe summer!!!!
Thanks Don
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The Martins arrives at my place in late February or early March. Late
March through mid April will nesting time. I have seen the Martins arrive
at my place as early as February 12, but they?ve been consistent on once
they?ve arrived in March, they?re there to stay till June.

They don?t lay their eggs all at the same time. This year two rooms started
Saturday 15, then five days later two other Martins started laying their eggs.

I get to enjoy them from March till late June. I hear there is a roost at the
west side of Sharps Town Mall in Houston. This year I will make time to go
see this for I?ve never seen Martins roost in trees.

I shoot and trap starlings and sparrows year round. This year I?ve shot more
than my three traps have yielded.
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Emil Pampell-Tx
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The martins stay at our place about 4 to 4-1/2 months, and they leave for the roosts as soon as the babies learn to hunt insects. The later arrivals stay the same amount of time but leave for the roosts later. Most years the martins are all gone by the end of June
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Hi from Central Florida,

Our martins in this area arrived late January or early February. They spend February and most of March fighting over nest sites and hanging out. They don't really get down to business till late March and early April. Nesting is over early to mid June. As soon as the chicks fledge they are out of here. You see them in small roosts but they must move on to places with larger roosts like they seem to have a lot of in Texas. I wish they stayed longer but if all we get is about 4 1/2 months I am glad that we have that time to enjoy them. Nobody seems to have them long enough.

Good luck
James Mejeur
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