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I am sure confused about these holes or maybe we have stupid starlings I have a new house with the sreh holes 3/4" off of the floor I put 1/2" foam board on the floor for insulation and the martins go in and out with ease but I saw a starling try and he couldn't get in. I have another house with the hole 1/2" off the floor and I saw one go in but he was having a problem getting in it took him a bit but he did get in. The martins go in and out of each with no problem.
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Makes perfect sense to me, the closer you entrances are to the floor, the harder it is for starlings to enter. So the first house with 1/4 inch clearance is more starling resistant than the second house which has the 1/2 clearance. Reading your post again makes me wonder where you have placed the foam board, Inside or outside? In any case the outside clearance on SREH should be 1/4 inch or less, the lower it is, the more effective it is.
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The foam board is on the inside the outside height is 3/4" on the inside it is 1/4". The martins go in it so easily. I am starting to think if thats the house where they like it they will adapt.
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The porch floor needs to be 1/8in for overall best results, any shim needs to be on the OUTSIDE. You want to keep the starling OUT, it does not help to keep the starling out if its on the inside. That was a good question, as such question is not answered very often. Good luck
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Thank you Emil, for explaining that clearly.
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