Cold, wet weather, Feeding and sub-adults arriving (Pics)

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It has been a really crappy day here today - cold, wet, windy, foggy and just downright dreary. My martins started knocking on the feeding tray this evening.
The only good thing to come out of this is the sub-adults that came to the tray are also learning to feed (when the males aren't whomping on them) from the tray.

New Sub-adult arrivals huddling on the house for warmth - there are at least 6 or 7 on the porches tonight as I type. I don't have the heart to scare them out into the rain. They're behind the caging, so hopefully, it's true what they say - owls won't hunt in the rain?

More sub-adults - they're lobbying me to build a fire in the yard.


This guy was the first one to arrive at the railing - who could turn down that sad, pitiful look?


Hard to tell who is new in this crew, but pretty sure bet, none of them are happy with this weather.

The sub-adult male (cricket in his mouth in the back) is learning from the adults...but about to get whomped on by the female flaring her wings.
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Kathy this is a great post, thanks for sharing it with us. Sometimes it takes bad weather for us landlords to learn, and also the sub adults. Yes, the subbies do learn from the more experienced adults, your colony will be fine thanks to you! :wink:
Bob Buskas, Alberta, Canada (The Northern Sky's Colony) Supplimental feeding is the key during bad weather, but you must train them to feed ahead of time.
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I'm feeling ur pain her in Ks!!! Weather sucks!!
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