Things looking up in Alberta

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Bob Buskas
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Location: Wetaskiwin Alberta, Canada

Well finally some warm Summer weather and low and behold, the ASY Martins are arriving in big numbers now. Man its noisy here the last few days. My colony is filling up nice and also got my first SY male on the 23 of May. Hope some of the rain your getting down south comes here, we have a Province wide fire ban now.
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That was a great update Bob. I am seeing similar things here in Saskatchewan. Every night I see more flying high above my yard. I am looking forward to the SY rush, which seems to be coming up quickly.
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Matt F.
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Great update indeed Bob!
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Ya its been smokey here in Bonnyville with the wildfires north of us. It does not seem to bother the martins at all. Its been noisy here also with lots of martins showing up. Everyone here is having their houses filling up. No subs yet but we have 11 nests with 15 eggs at our site today. So its looking good for 2015
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Both T-14's and 8 BO-11 gourds are full!!! and no Subbies to report ! The Martin's sure love the Gourds.
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2014. successful.
2015. successful.
2016. Martin's population decline, suspect new housing in the neighborhood. Merlin eating well also!
2017.Population explosion :grin: . first egg May 25 in a BO-11
2018. Population stable.
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