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Today when checking a tree swallow box I found the resident dead in the box and its head was gone. I suspect a predator reached in and grabbed the bird by the head and couldnt get it out so it ended with only the head.
I have had this same thing happen with a couple of martin gourds in the past.
I suspect an owl with the martins but when this occurred with the TS I thought i'd throw it out to the forum for more discussion.

All my martin poles have climbing guards, but not 100% owl protected. The TS box pole does not have guard.
John Miller
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Your conclusions probably are correct. I found a headless bluebird in a nest box once near a cabin where I was attending a weekend party. I brought the headless bird over to show folks and did not receive a good reception - ha -- but glad we have a Forum here with like-minded folks. Only advice would be to put a guard on that pole, and don't attach nest boxes to trees or utility poles as mine was...many years ago.

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Weasels , a member of the mink family are good at that trick
John Evans
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Found a headless Bluebird in a box, We have a mink running around here Thanks Jackel for that information!
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