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If you were ever curious about Martins nesting in gourds after spending years at a site in wooden housing, the answer is they will LOVE them.

I bought a Gemini Gourd rack with 24 horizontal gourds from Troyer's Bird Paradise. The Martins started out in their wooden houses but 70% quickly transitioned to the gourds. They still prefer round holes. They would try the Conley 2 entrances but the larger males would eventually move to another gourd with a round opening. I shoot & trap Starlings year round so they are not much of an issue for the colony.

The gourd rack really helped with nest domination. In the wooden housing A pair would use multiple nests on the same row. That would reduce the number of pairs the site would house.

The winch system is GREAT For raising & lowering the gourd rack too.
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Great work Spiderman. Good luck this year.

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